PdDroidParty: Pure Data for Android

PdDroidParty is an open source Android app you can use to run your Pure Data patches on Android. You'll get a list of all of the Pure Data projects on your device's storage and you simply select the one you want to run.

The way it works is you create a special patch called droidparty_main.pd in your project folder and then copy the whole folder onto your device storage. PdDroidParty will show you a list of all of the folders containing a droidparty_main.pd file and when you choose one the patch will be loaded. When you run the droidparty_main.pd patch the user interface will be emulated by PdDroidParty and can be themed with SVG widgets. See the documentation for more information on getting started, or copy one of the demos to your device to get started.

You can also create a native Android app from your Pd patch using PdDroidParty.



Screenshot of a Pd patch Pd patch running on Android Pd patch running on Android with SVG UIs

Source code

Get the GPLv3 LICENSED source code from GitHub.


On iOS? Check out PdParty for iOS and MobMuPlat.

Help and support

Need help? Ask a question on the Pure Data mailing list or the Pure Data Forum or Stackoverflow using the puredata tag or another Pd community.


Copyright Chris McCormick 2011-2021. With contributions from: Kishan Muddu, Antoine Rousseau, Tal Kirshboim.

Made with libpd by Peter Brinkmann and Pure Data by Miller S. Puckette. They are BSD licensed.

Portions of this page and the PdDroidParty software contain modifications based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.