Create a native Android app from your Pure Data patch

Pd app builder service

Coming in 2021 is an online service where you can convert your Pd patch to an Android application. You simply upload your Pd patch and in return you get a working Android APK file which you can run on your own device, share with others, or even sell on the Google Play store.

Pure Data to Android app demo

The service will be available for a fee to cover costs and an institution and enterprise license will be available for universities, companies, and other organisations who want to run a private instance of the service for their students and employees.

If you are interested in this service and want to find out when it is released, please sign up below.

Do it yourself

You can use the PdDroidParty code base to bundle your own Pd patches as standalone Android apps.

There are some good tips for Windows users in this forum thread.

Apps created with PdDroidParty

Here are some apps which have been created with PdDroidParty. If you make an app based on this source code and you want to get it listed here just send me an email.

More apps

You can find more music apps by the creator of PdDroidParty at dopeloop.ai.

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